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19 March 2014


How do you like gray , boring and uniform buildings you see as you walk ? Would you want to live in such buildings ? Hardly anyone would love to live in the building , which is no different and the grayness of the street.

Well, yeah right, maybe you do not like , but ask what you can do if you are already owners of boring style house late socialism ?

 Relax, there is a way to fix things and your home to " rejuvenate " and razhubavee and they do not invest very much money.

Have you heard of the facade profiles from

If you still do not make the connection will now explain why these profiles we involved in the transformation of your house or cooperative .

Take a step back in time and see how the beginning of the last century were built buildings. Walk around your town and pay attention to old buildings. They look beautiful and interesting objectives decorative profiles, moldings and other interesting and eye-catching architectural elements , right?

Now look at the houses that were built before 30-40 years. Bland and boring are not you think?

So, let 's go back again relationship with façade profiles Spa - Relax LTD .

Imagine you have a house you want to change the look but do not want to give a lot of money for it.

Façade profiles of polystyrene you can change the look of your home a breeze.
The profiles are made of easy handling and assembly of high quality , expanded polystyrene, which is not only resistant to pressure , but covered with a special protective coating.
Decorative moldings are compatible with all types of facade paints and plasters can be used for decorating windows, balconies, doors , did you name it .

Here we found the relationship between the old architectural buildings, your home and facade profiles. You still want to change the look of your house

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